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Decluttering 101: Tips for 2019


Happy New Year to you all and welcome to 2019!

Many people I know are talking about getting organised and clearing themselves of clutter in 2019.  I'm a great supporter of being organised because it makes my life so much easier and saves me heaps of valuable time.

There are many organising methodologies available, ranging from the incredibly strict to the more relaxed.  We all work differently, so how you go about getting organised depends on your individual preferences and personality type.  Are you a visual person, or do you prefer a minimalistic look?  Are you tactile, or do clear surfaces make you smile on the inside?  No matter what your preferences, there are a few things I think you should take into consideration:

  1. Zoning:  It comes back to what grandma used to say.  "Keep like with like and everything has a home."  Basically it's saying it makes sense to have all your office equipment in the office, not spread all over the house.  Same goes for linen, saucepans, crockery etc.......you get the idea.
  2. Accessibility:  Now Christmas is over it makes sense to pack away the Christmas tree and decorations as you won't need them for another 11 months.  The same can't be said for beach towels, fans and drink bottles if you live in the southern hemisphere.  Blankets won't be required yet.  Items you don't need access to in the near future can be stored away, effectively clearing up your living areas.  Regularly used items should be easily accessible.
  3. Little people:  Do you have children?  Consider how they access their toys/books etc and place their precious items where they can reach them.  You never know, with a little bit of encouragement they may even put them back when they're finished!!

Have fun decluttering!