Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management services for businesses owners & Individuals...

Personal Concierge & Lifestyle Management...

Work life balance is what we’re all about. We specialise in helping busy parents and working professionals complete their “to-do” lists. Let us wait for the Telco, drop back the dry cleaning, provide drop-in house sitting services, organise that party, or find that “perfect” gift. If you can dream it, we can do it.

In today’s busy society there is a market for lifestyle management and personal concierge services. Time Made’s services can be widespread and are limited only by your imagination.

Some services could include:

  • Personal and grocery shopping;
  • Errand running;
  • Planning the perfect party;
  • Organising and decluttering services;
  • Relocation assistance;
  • Bill payments;
  • Drop in house sitting;
  • Organising private appointments for individual households;
  • Referral to and meeting with contractors;
  • Arranging for vehicle services
  • And anything else on your to-do list!

As long as it’s legal and ethical, we can get it done.

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