YES... We provide professional corporate concierge services for busy people on the move...

Professional Corporate Concierge

This service goes hand in hand with your Corporate Wellness Program. How this service is utilised is totally up to your imagination and business requirements such as:

  • Development of an individualised package of concierge & errand services for inclusion in an employee benefit package
  • Recognise special customers
  • Reward staff for a job well done.

When you work a demanding job, it can be difficult to find the time for important chores, like finding someone to care for your pet while you’re away on business, choosing the right birthday present, or dropping in the dry cleaning.  Our Corporate Concierge Service helps time-strapped workers take care of pesky tasks so they can focus on what work needs to be done!

Employees can turn over their personal to-do lists freeing them up to be more productive and less stressed while at work.  Employers are known as an “Employer of Choice”, get to retain great talent and see flow-on-improvements in their bottom line.

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