Business Coaching services for people who prefer effective results over busyness.

Business Coaching Services

What is Business Coaching?

Coaching provides an independent sounding board from someone with business experience & wisdom. 
Coaching forces you to learn & think for yourself - the first-hand knowledge acquisition and personal development lasts for a lifetime.  One benefit of utilising Time Made as your workplace/business coach is that we will keep you accountable for your vision and regularly challenge your progress. 
We believe that people inherently know what the best course of action is - our expertise lies in our ability to bring these skills to the fore.

Why Business Coaching with Time Made?  

Our coaching systems can:
  • increase productivity, effectiveness & creativity;
  • help manage the change that accompanies growth in your organisation;
  • increase communication & work through conflict;
  • help your organisation retain great people;
  • bring work life balance into the lives of your employees;
  • help your employees thrive.

What are the benefits of Business/Workplace Coaching?

The results speak for themselves.  Good coaches know how to: 
  • build confidence within your teams;
  • know how to work with different people - their learning styles & personality preferences;
  • help you see the forest for the trees;
  • combat unconscious incompetence;
  • ask the right questions;
  • help organisations retain good people.

Think Business Coaching could assist you? 

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We also provide a range of other business services, including Strategic Planning and facilitation services.  Please contact us directly for more information.

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