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Find Your Tribe

Your first foray into the world of social media can be daunting and more than a tad confusing. You’ve heard from everyone you need to be on social media, but have absolutely no clue where to start, or what to do.  How do you find your tribe? How do you find the clients you want who will support you, and more importantly buy your product?

Social media is the perfect place to talk and connect with your clients quickly. You can find out what's working within your business, and what's not - then fix the problem areas a.s.a.p! Before you dive into every social media platform known to mankind, I suggest you take a step back to consider the following questions.

Do you know who it is you're targeting?
This means establishing who your ideal client is, and just as importantly, who isn't. If you are able to clearly describe your ideal client, the other questions listed here will be a breeze! If not - you'd better get working!

Where are your clients?
Are your potential or existing clients on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter - or any other industry specific social networks?  If you don't know where they are, just ask. Asking a simple question can save lots of time and angst on your behalf. Time that you can use your energies to engage (talk) with your clients.

Don't forget, it's "social".
Remember it's not all sales, sales, and sales. If you make your posts too salesy, people will tune out, unfollow, or hide your posts. This totally defeats the purpose of social media. You need to engage with your clients at their level, and solve their problems. Make it easy for your tribe firstly to find you, then to do business with you.

I always say people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.

Build it, focus and respond, and your tribe will come.