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How to survive the mundane.

If I haven't convinced you of the benefits of outsourcing your mundane but necessary task to Time Made, I really should give you some tips on how to cope with them!

Everyone knows mundane tasks are boring.  But necessary.  If you ignore mundane tasks for long enough, they will grow out of all proportion....extremely quickly!  Here are a few dot points that could help with managing the mundane.

  1. Ask yourself, "does it have to be done at all?" Establish if the task is really necessary?  If not - delete it.
  2. Follow this up with "Does it really have to be done by you, or can it be delegated?" (BTW - I know of a great business who can help with this.)
  3. If you've established it is essential, be consistent in your work and what's important.
  4. Use other activities to balance out the repetitiveness of what's boring. For example, treat yourself to lunch with a friend once a task is completed.
  5. Find things to distract you. But keep them limited and under control.  That means no three hour lunch breaks just because you've finished one task!
  6. Take a deep breath, adopt the Nike philosophy, and just do it!
  7. Learn to make the boring interesting. Learn to love what you do - or go and do something else.  You could of course outsource the mundane to Time Made!