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Reduce Christmas Time Stress


If you're feeling a bit anxious about what needs to be done in preparation for the big day, here are a couple of my tried & tested tips to help you get through the festive season, relatively unscathed:

  • Make a list. It works for Santa & it will for you too! Divide a page into two columns. On one side list the things you need to do in preparation for the big day (gift shopping), and on the other side, things you would like to do for the big day (baking, or in my case, making rum balls).
  • Know who you need to purchase gifts for, and some idea of what you might buy for them, before hitting the shops. Otherwise you could end up running aimlessly around the shops, and still come home with nothing!
  • Only attend the Christmas parties you really want to attend. It’s ok to say “no”. It’s your life and your time, so spend it the way you want.