Get In Control Of Your Schedule.

So many of my clients have one thing in common - they spend their lives in reactive mode, running from one disaster to another, never really getting on top of anything.

Here are three strategies you can implement to get into a better place. They work equally for life and for business.

  • Know what you want and where you want to be. This will involve stepping back and having a good look at your life/business. Do you have a 5 year/3 year/12 month plan? What are your priorities? Where do you want to be? There are so many quotes around this step "Failing to plan is planning to fail", "A goal without a plan is just a wish", "Plans are nothing; planning is everything". Plans don't need to be set in concrete, but they do give you focus & direction to keep you on track.
  • Learn to say no. Are you the consummate people pleaser? I know some people go to great lengths to avoid any level of conflict. If something doesn't line up with your business, financial or personal plan, you really don't have to say yes! If you have trouble declining on the spot, buy yourself a little time. Saying, "Can I get back to you about that?" immediately takes the pressure off until you're ready to deal with the situation, in your time & in your way. Remember it's ok to say "no".
  • Section off your day and week. Time blocking is a fantastic way to manage what you have going on each day & week. It gives you the time needed to focus on task at hand, and keep you working towards your priorities (see point 1.). Set yourself up a weekly schedule, include client appointments, checking emails, admin & family/personal time. This type of structure keeps you from bouncing from one task to another. Proactive rather than reactive. We all have 164 hrs available to us each week - use them wisely.