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The "Joy" Factor

The "Joy" Factor

Unless you've been hiding under a rock or living totally off the grid, I'm going to assume you have heard of Marie Kondo or the KonMarie Method.  Marie's got the world talking about organising and decluttering using introspection and asking people if an item "sparks joy".  I have to insert a disclaimer here.  I've never see Marie's television show, or read her whole book, however I have read many articles about what she does and do have many friends, family members and colleagues who absolutely love this method of organising.  Plus, it's impossible not to notice the effect she's having on social media.

As a professional organiser I think it's fantastic that people are trying to become more organised and talking about ways to do that.  Marie has bought a lot of attention to this industry - and that's a great thing!  That said, there's never one system or process that will work for everyone.  Becoming organised looks and feels different to every single person I work with.  Decluttering isn't based purely around the level of "joy" something sparks. For some of my clients, if faced with having to make a decision about what to keep, or pass on, everything would suddenly "spark joy".  If I'm working with a client who has a hoarding disorder there is no way I'd even mention this method as it'd be far too overwhelming.  I think I could have minimalistic tendencies, but that doesn't mean everyone I work with has to feel, or organise, the same way.

Realistically, sometimes you need keep keep things that don't "spark joy".  Now I know I'm being glib here, but dishwashing liquid, bandaids, or my dog after she's chewed something to death, do not "spark joy".  I have no intention of discarding any of these items, except for the remains of whatever my dog has destroyed! 

I think you need to take from the KonMari method what ever works for you in your particular situation.  

Different strokes for different folks.