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Are you Decluttering or Churning?

When you decide to declutter a room, you open yourself up to having to make many, many decisions. 
Decisions about what to keep. 
Decisions about what to let go. 
Decisions about storage of items you've decided to keep.
Decision after decision. 
And if you're a tad adverse to making decisions, sometimes it's just easier to churn. 


If you haven't heard of churning, let me explain to you the difference in these two processes.  Decluttering is when you remove things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more pleasant and more useful.  The number of items in a specific area is usually reduced.  Churning on the other hand, does little to reduce the number of possessions in a space as it's simply moving things around to different areas.  Decision making avoidance at its best.


Many people have difficulty making decisions around what needs to leave their homes.  When I'm working with clients I recommend we set up some "rules" before starting work to help with the letting go process.  These rules are individual to each client and specific to their circumstances.  Some possible rules for disposal could be:

  • If the item is broken and unable to be fixed in the immediate future (within one week), or can be replaced at a minimal cost;
  • If you have more than a certain number of the same item (for example, more than 3 wooden spoons; more than 2 can openers; more than 6 cookbooks (because really, recipes are available online); more than 4 pairs of black shoes etc;
  • If you haven't worn clothing for more than 12 months;
  • If it belongs to someone else

These are all just examples of rules that could be set.  The important thing is to set them before you start decluttering.  This will make the process much easier and will help you avoid decision fatigue, which leads to churning.


Of course, you could always contact a professional like Time Made to help you.  Happy decluttering!