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When downsizing becomes a necessity.

Over the years I’ve worked with many people who have had to downsize, for a variety of reasons. 

Ideally, my clients would make a considered and measured decision to downsize.  In reality this scenario looks much different.  I’m usually contacted after there has been a life event, an illness or an emergency, meaning that my soon to be clients can’t return to their homes.  This call comes from a variety of people, including discharge planners in hospitals, health attorneys, guardians, social workers or distraught family members whose loved ones need support.  Now.  Or even better, yesterday.

Recently a client who was in this position said to me “but you’re only one person”.  Now I’m not super woman, but I do have great connections and can get things sorted, pronto.  Plus, it’s always amazing what you can get done when you have too.  This particular lady had been hospitalised with her husband, with both of them needing to move into supported accomodation.  Physically they were unable to organise the sale of their home, moving of what personal items and furniture they needed into a one bedroom unit.  We were able to work with their real estate agent of choice, return medical equipment to agencies, pack, move and unpack their belongings into their new home.  This included having pictures hung on the walls and ensuring special memorabilia was displayed, making it feel as much like home as possible.  It’s the special touches that help with this transition.

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