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Rave Reviews

"We have a tyre shop called Big Moose Tyre and Track at 394 South Street Toowoomba.  Carolyn was recommended to us as a great person to manage our social media accounts.  We would like to pass the message around that she is a brilliant contact to have if you are battling with the minefield of social media.  She always prompts us to provide more content and keeps our approach focused.  THANKS."
M.E., Toowoomba

"Carolyn made our transition into business owners a breeze by helping us out with our social
media and communication platforms.  From setting up different user accounts to scheduling regular posts and sending out monthly newsletters.  Carolyn used her intuition, sense of humour, business acumen, together with regular catch ups to create current and interesting social media accounts to engage with our customers. 
Thanks for all your help Carolyn, we really appreciate it!"
R & B, Toowoomba

"Hi Carolyn,
Thank you for one of the most exciting days in my business life.  I really enjoyed what was achieved today.  It really is quite empowering to feel like I am organised.
I am sitting in my shared office space with no clutter - WOW, what a transformation!  
Love working with you and love the work you do"
J.S. Toowoomba

"Last February I booked an overseas holiday for September.  By late July I had to start work on a large contract the 1st day back, then found out I had to move residences.  Carolyn rescued me from my over the top schedule by organising the entry report for the new house, coordinating the removalist to the new residence and organised the payment of a few urgent bills that cropped up.

What a relief.  When I returned ready for work, the house contents had been delivered, the entry report thoroughly attended to.  All jobs professionally coordinated.  Carolyn also has a handy network of people to get other loose ends tied up.  I can recommend Time Made to help you get over that busy scheduling, no matter how big or small".
G.I. Toowoomba

"Carolyn Brown from Time Made recently assisted me to move house.  She coordinated the repair of small things, arranged and coordinated the removalists and cleaners, and assisted in a smooth transition generally.  Having someone to do those fiddly small things, wait for tradespeople at either end and manage invoicing was a tremendous assistance.  She saved me a great deal of time and hassle and was very trustworthy, reliable and respectful.  I am certain to use the services of Time Made again.  It makes life easy so I can focus on other things" .
J.T. Toowoomba

" I have recently utilised just a few of the fantastic array of services offered by Time Made and have been extremely pleased with the results, time and money this has saved me!!  The very capable Carolyn has expertly managed a part of our Business that we just did not have time and skills to manage ourselves - with outstanding results.  Time Made has also assisted in the home arranging cleaners, babysitters and looked after our pets when we have been away.  Just a quick call to Carolyn has made life so much easier on so many occasions!!"
R.H. Toowoomba

"Time Made saved my sanity! After a recent major move I was faced with what seemed like endless chaos. In a moment of desperation I called Carolyn (not really knowing what to expect, I mean, what does a personal concierge do anyway???!!!). She whipped in and helped me sort my life in just a couple of hours!! I had boxes unpacked and cupboards sorted in miraculous time, plus I got those pesky little errands done that I had been putting off for ages as well!! From my experience I would say that Time Made is money well spent!"
W.A. Toowoomba
"I was lucky enough to receive 2 hours of Carolyn's time as a gift when I was unwell. It was a real Godsend - Carolyn was eager and willing, efficient, generous, always clear in her communication, and highly professional. I would strongly recommend Carolyn's services to anyone who is in need of that extra pair of hands when time and energy are limited."
J.P. Toowoomba
"I had to get a stump removed from our front yard for a number of months, and had started looking into it to try and remove it by myself. Finally after a number of months my wife had had enough and told me that it had to go (the stump) or I had to go! I started looking in the Yellow Pages, but wasn't sure what it should cost so I decided to ring Time Made. Within 24 hours I had received a quote from Time Made, and shortly after I gave the go ahead the job was done. The service, price and job performed was outstanding!"
D.R. Toowoomba
"It was wonderful being able to go away for a week knowing my mail was being collected from the mailbox so that a build-up of mail didn't occur making it obvious no-one was home. To have someone call in to my home each day was very reassuring. Thank you Carolyn and Time Made!"
J.T. Toowoomba
"Being a busy professional with 60 staff and significant after hours and out of town committments, I needed a Professional Organiser that was professional, confidential, personable, efficient and had reasonable charges. I found these qualities in Time Made and Carolyn Brown, and offer strong endorsement and recommendation."
B.S. Toowoomba
" I recently had the opportunity to discuss with you the services offered by Time Made.
Having not used a concierge service before, I was unsure what to expect, but thought I would give Time Made a go....!
I needed to get several tree stumps removed from the front yeard of my property. Basically, I did not have the time or motivation to get things started by myself. I was happily surprised with the professional level of service I received from your service - from arranging the quotes from suppliers and getting the work underway in a timely manner.
The best thing I found was that the experience was "hassle free" and the completed job met my original instructions. Finally, you took the time to see if I was satisfied with the end result. To my way of thinking, this is a sign of comprehensive service, driving me to write this letter of thanks.
I look forward to using Time Made again and will gladly mention your business to all my family and friends."
M.K. Toowoomba


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