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Services and Fees

In today’s busy society there is a market for lifestyle management and personal concierge services. These services can be widespread, covering areas such as personal and grocery shopping, travel planning, errand running, organising and decluttering services, relocation assistance, bill payments, house sitting, organising private appointments for individual households, referral to and meeting with contractors, social media strategy and support, and arranging for vehicle services. 

We would love to tailor a proposal to meet your individual needs.  Depending upon the services required, casual services can be charged at an hourly rate, with a minimum of 30 minutes for “out of office” services, and 15 minutes for “in office” services. 
We have an extensive Business Referral List where we can provide referrals to contractors of a high standard.  We ensure only the best contractors make it onto our list by following up after each referral, thus ensuring only the best stay on our list!

We work closely with each client to ensure their needs are met in a professional, confidential manner.

All third party costs remain the client’s responsibility. 

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Grocery Shopping

One of our most popular services is shopping. This free grocery template can help you be more organised and save money each week. Simply download the template, print and fill out your grocery list, then head off shopping - never forgetting those important items again. Alternatively, you can email your choices to Time Made and we'll shop for you!
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